Lorna Schofield

This woman, a Philipino who married someone named Schofield, lives up to her name relating to the “Schofield Bible,” the hocus pocus B.S. new bible written in the 1800s in America, which completely transformed LOGOS, or the true word of God, into Jewish and Zionist propaganda designed to brainwash American Christians and Evangelists into blindly supporting Israel, Zionism, and extremist Jewish foreign and domestic policy positions. This “Judge Lorna Schofield” of the SDNY is always assigned to persecute those American dissidents who disagree with Jewish or extreme Zionist foreign and domestic policy under the color (cover”) of law and authority. If you have ever thought or expressed political feelings opposing Jewish or Zionist foreign or domestic policy, and you find yourself as a participant in the Southern District of New York federal courts, as a punishment you will be assigned Judge Lorna Schofield to not only shit-can your case, but also to humiliate, lambast, insult, and defame you in a publicly posted “decision” wherein this women will call you every dirty name in the book. Be guided accordingly.

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