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Lizette Little — Liz, Your Pimp Called- He Says It’s Time To Come Back

Lizette Little — Liz, Your Pimp Called- He Says It’s Time To Come Back

Have you heard of The bags newest hoe? She goes by Liz. You can find her wandering the streets of Oakland looking for her newest trick. This girl is the definition of MORAL-LESS. She has a kid she barely takes care of and is constantly doing all kinds of drugs around with her newest trick. Liz has recently tried to escape the hoe life and her pimp for the bays biggest trick And broke baller in the game. These two sit at there ran down tire shop on e 14th and do drugs constantly. Liz has tried to escape the h0e life but it just keeps trying to come back to haunt her. Sweetie, you can’t turn a h0e into a housewife. You should know better. This infested girl will act open minded and have you thinking she’s laid back because that’s her JOB! To sleep with men and have her be feeling-less. Her vagina is made of steel. She takes it all from Hispanic- Pakistani. But Recently she hasn’t been selling enough so her owners been haunting the h0e. Too loose these days I guess. Liz says to everyone she’s 34 but she’s actually 38…. 38 and still has nothing to her name except a few drds and few 100’s to her body count. Don’t even get me started with her looks… she always looking lost with her squinty a55 butt hole looking eyes and crack heard no a55 having body. Liz will sleep with anyone and anything. She doesn’t care who or what family she’s breaking up cuz she herself has no family. Anyways, Liz, you pimp called he said it’s time to come back and to stop living this lifestyle you’re not cut out for. Once a h0e always a h0e. You should know that by now sis.

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(917) 548-7383 he insisted on PNP… I said no and he turned crazy! Avoid this freak who loves to bother gay escorts!

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Elizabeth October 22, 2020 at 2:37 am

I don’t understand how you allow bitter exes and baby mothers to publicly make false statement about other people. Liz as the woman who made the post calls her because she doesn’t know her name, is a great mother, her family is a unit, they support each other through everything. I honestly wish you would remove this fake, hateful, hurtful post because it’s full of lies. I’ve known this hardworking woman for over 18 years


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