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Liz Cameron — The Dirty Sloot Who Sleeps With Guys For $$

Liz Cameron — The Dirty Sloot Who Sleeps With Guys For $$

 This b1tch needs to be on here meet Liz the dirty sloot who sleeps with men for $ she acts all good and innocent but she ain’t she a sh1t talker she talk sh1t to girls BF’s just so she can sleep with them and trust me I seen her do this many times this big h0e bag needs to learn to keep your mouth shut and legs closed hope this girl get knock the fuk out yet cause of your lying mouth dumb b1tch can’t even watch her kids she rather sleep with random men for drugs and $$ fuking loser b1tch act like a mom already you dirty sloot you look all stung out on meth u dirty sloot stop acting all cool when really your a fuking loser who can’t watch her kids cause of drugs lmfao put this ugly sloot on here she deserves it!

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