Lisa Marie Mejias – Midcoast Hoe

This homewrecking hag (far left in the photo) almost destroyed my friend’s marriage. Lisa is a toxic, controlling, lying, manipulative trashbag that works for Midcoast School of Technology (MCST) and is stationed to teach at Oceanside High School in Rockland. Her office was stationed next door to my friend’s husband’s classroom.

When they met, this hag reeled my friend’s husband in by saying she “felt she’s known him forever” after the first time they talked.

My friend started to smell after two very questionable situations. Toxic was my wife’s husband’s ride home from time to time. In December of last year, she told my friend’s husband that her husband wasn’t comfortable with giving him rides home. My friend’s husband told her that he didn’t want any issues, so he was perfectly fine with stopping that. She then told him that wouldn’t be an issue because “nobody tells her what the fuck to do”.

Then, she dared him to like all of her Instagram posts (she has over 1,700 posts) to which he started doing (like a dumbass). My friend was not okay with this and neither was Frank (her husband – far right in the photo).

When my friend’s husband approached her with my discomfort, she told him Frank felt the same way, but dismissed both me and Frank by saying it was all in good fun. So my friend’s husband kept liking her posts (again, dumbass).

Fast forward a few months and my friend’s husband neglected to mention all the other red flags with this hoe, which included:

– Bragging about her husband who is 11 years younger than her (she’s 43 and he’s barely 32)
– She called my wife’s husband more spicy than her husband (they are both latin americans – she has a type and my husband and I are both 31)
– She stalked my friend’s husband’s social media profile to know which friends he was talking about in conversations
– She showed my friend’s husband her fake social media profiles where she stalks her ex husband and his new family
– She’s all into true crime, which paints a portrait of a psycho once you include everything so far and what happened next

Come May, my friend is on a trip to visit family. While she was gone, my friend’s husband told this trashbag that he had feelings for her. She said that she was fine with it, but did not reciprocate. She encouraged him to love her as much as he wanted, and that things wouldn’t change for them. They’d still hang out and she’d still give him rides. She told him nothing would break their friendship, and that he was right to trust her, and that she still loved him but as a friend.

She took two days to tell her husband all of this. What no one knew, was that her husband had warned her that this might happen. She told her husband that if it ever did, she would end the friendship. She made two conflicting promises, and while she was sending my friend’s husband messages like “I’m so happy to hear you say that you are FREE” as he was telling her how deeply he felt for her, she was laying in bed right next to Frank, the man she was breaking a promise to.

Fast forward a few days, and Lisa begins her patterns of playing hot and cold with my friend’s husband. She swings by his room here and ther and says hi and says they’ll talk but doesn’t tell him when or where. My friend’s husband suffers from heart issues and went into cardiac arrest a few days after he tells Lisa how he feels. He came back and made it home. The next day, he’s telling his close ones what happened. Lisa reacted lukewarm to him dying and offered no real sympathy for him.

Two days later at work, he walks by her office to talk to a student in the hall. She stops him and offers him a hug and tells him that she missed him. She would later tell him that she gave him a hug because she “identified that he needed one.” This is a manipulative tactic that she used to pacify him, and hide the fact that she herself had feelings for him too.

The weekend comes and she’s not responding to anything my friend’s husband sent her after leaving him with mixed signals. The following Monday, she tells him to stop messaging her and that she will tell him more later, and that she will no longer give him rides anywhere. That afternoon, he cried during his prep block in his room. He comes out of his room to toxic being right outside his door laughing it up with others. She definitely heard him crying, and acted like nothing was wrong when he passed by her to walk to his counseling session.

That night, she told him how angry she was that he opened pandora’s box and did a 180 on everything she initially told him. She said he should have thought about it longer before telling her, that she resented him, and that she was ending the friendship.

She also said that she needed space, still saw him as a friend, and that she still wanted her son (who starts at Oceanside this year as a freshman) to hang out with my husband. Wtf, right?

Three days later at work, Lisa offers my friend’s husband a “Friendship hug” before she left for a competition in Georgia with her students. He was going to decline, but she insisted on it taking place later. He reluctantly agreed and they ended up in her office with the door shut, locked and the blind down. All her doing.

She told him that she wanted for him and his family to have a great beautiful summer. My friend’s husband was beginning to back up and was right up against her door. She realized that he was being distant. She began to close the gap and told him that she had issues with boundaries before crying and lunging toward him, grabbing his arms and pulling him into her arms. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and she fixed her breasts to be up against my friend’s husbands chest. He eventually put his arms around her and they firmly held each other for a while.

My friend’s husband has a lot of trauma from emotionally and physically manipulative women. Trashbag knows this and knew my friend’s husband wouldn’t say no to her due to the toxic dynamic they established. This woman parades around on social media like she’s 16 years old with filters and portrays her life with Frank as perfect. That’s far from the case. She lives for gratification, which she got a lot of from my friend’s husband. She has to mold the situation to fit her level of comfort, and in doing so, she pulled my friend’s husband back into emotions for her while she dipped out on him, and not giving him any kind of explanation to why she did what she did to him.

This made it a tough summer for them. Ultimately, this was an emotional affair, but what is so scary is that she could have taken more from him at any time she wanted. Maybe she did. Maybe she did and he blocked it out or doesn’t want to talk about it. Either way, this smoker teeth, trailer park gutter grime will probably try something again with my friend’s husband this year. I doubt Frank knows all of this. If he did, she’d be divorced. Again. Luckily I’ll be around this year to watch over the situation and swat this twat from going near my friend’s husband.

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