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Lindsay Pettman — Watch Out For This One Ladies!

Lindsay Pettman — Watch Out For This One Ladies!

This guy right here is the biggest trash bag, alcoholic, narcissist prick that ever walked the earth. Looooves to pray on single mums and play with their emotions. This slew even goes as far as stealing money from single mums. REALLY Lindsey? Get a fuking job you lowlife a55hole. Claims he’s single and sober on tinder which he is NEITHER. Just a straight up predator goof LOOKING for his next victim. Watch out ladies! He may give you more than you asked for! Has a girlfriend right now but is out cheatin on her. She’s just his flavor of the month. If you see this dirty birdy.. RUN!

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Laura Goodman December 13, 2020 at 1:37 am

dont have to worry about him no more. he is no longer with us.


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