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Lillian Bresseau — Psycho Sloot

Lillian Bresseau — Psycho Sloot

This little psycho will bring you in by acting sweet and fun, then before you know it she’s smoking all your weed, refusing to work and posting herself dead fish fuking her boyfriend on Pornhub and pretending like she’s hot all over a couple of 2 minute videos, all the while wondering why everyone hates her. She likes to cause drama everywhere she goes and plays victim every single time. definition of untrustworthy:Lillian Bresseau. Likes to brag about how she made 2k in 4 months but fails to realize people that work at Tim Horton’s part time make more than that. When you’re finally sick of her sh1t and try to leave she threatens to kill herself because whose going to take care of her baby a55 when you leave. An absolute joke of a person.

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