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Liga Suritis — Maryland

Liga Suritis — Maryland

Liga Suritis living in Maryland  is a fraud , absconded country (Latvia) living in United States US, illegally.Illegal immigrant, naturalized citizen of United States & should be deported back!!! ICE should step in & deport back this criminal!! Liga Suritis has faked all the certificates to get a fake visa and has landed in United States.She has obtained in all the fake degrees, fake visa and fake documents , living in the country illegally on an expired visa committing all the fraud & obtained Greencard in a very deceptive way!!Our firmfrom Latvia has helped her get a fake passport, fake  US visa.Liga married a US citizen for a Greencard , a fraud based marriage for Citizenship. Liga Suritis is not recommended to be hired by any of the corporate companies in the United States and this criminal should be deported back!

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