Liar cheater manipulator narcissist Mirko Jovanovic

This guy lives in a room he rents because he’s a washed up wanna be tennis player who never made it and now just gives lessons to rich people. He has half his face paralyzed for being a narcissist one night at a bar and got pumbled for it. He pretends he’s so nice and then tells you your his girlfriend but tells the same thing to several others as well. Then he tries to deny it all despite all the texts you have and calls you delusional. He’s Serbian and thinks he’s special. He’s really not. He’s the worst sex you’ll ever have. Ladies seriously he last like ten seconds and he’s lazy about that even. You do all the work and he just takes. He is worthless and will guilt trip you to do things when he needs but then is always busy and unavailable unless he needs or wants something. Usually a ride or something to spare his spending money because he doesn’t make decent income. That’s why he lives in a room he rents. He’s a drunk also. He is always drinking and he’s a sloppy one at that. He is honestly crazy. I think he has issues which is why he fails to recall anything he ever says or situations. Or that’s just his defense tactics but really he is sort of dumb to be honest. He lies about his life too. You can’t believe a thing he says. He’s full of himself and has zero reason to be so self absorbed. He is a coward and avoids any confrontation when he knows he’s caught. Then he just plays the never in a relationship card and calls you crazy. He is honestly not worthy of a decent woman. He has zero muscle. I once asked him to help me fix my blinds and he was tired in like 30 seconds. This is a guy who gives tennis lessons. Lol. I was not impressed. He is tall but zero muscle and zero drive. He has depressions and is lazy. He sleeps a lot too. He is always complaining about something but he’s a joke. He tries to deny everything about you or that he said to you when he’s caught so that you seem crazy. This guy is a lowlife. Run if you meet him. He sounds genuine at first but you’ll start to get the signs soon enough and nothing he says literally nothing is true. I literally found out he lied to me about his career his ex’s his family even. He’s a habitual liar and has no real personality either. He’s just pathetic. He’s also mentally and emotionally very abusive. He’s not normal and toxic.

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