LaVonna Cox: A Predator

A Predator.

Some people will be shocked to know the kind of malevolence that lurks beneath the surface of her soul and the bones that fill her closets …but those she has betrayed already know.

LaVonna is coercive and manipulative. She intentionally and nefariously lies, cheats, and deceives the people around her. She gets enjoyment from inflicting intense and unimaginable shock, loss, and anguish upon others that she claims to be friends with. This woman is notorious for drama, betrayal, back-stabbing, and predatory weaponization of sexuality.

For many years she had a hair salon on the square of small town Franklin and used it to lure barely-legal boys with seemingly innocent enough reasons, such as the promise of a “massage” for a sports injury, etc., only to have it end up being much, much more than that. She is a predator. A borderline pedophile. A betrayer of her friends and even her own children whose friends she repeatedly tried to seduce. As young as 18 years old– younger than her oldest son at the time– and others that were of barely legal drinking age while she was in her 40’s and old enough to be their mother.

Preying upon these immature young men, or even teenage boys, who had no tools in their toolbox to be able to say no or to even know what they were getting themselves into was coercion. By the time they really wanted to say ‘NO’ they were already on the massage table with their pants off, coerced into a sexual encounter with their friend’s mom. Once pressured, they had no tools at their disposal because they were basically kids, and the next thing they knew they found themselves in the back room of her salon on a massage table, completely naked with her also naked. If she were a man, this would be called rape and she would be in jail. That is NOT consent. That is coercion.

She made conscious attempts to violate and coerce barely-legal boys, friends’ boyfriends, ex-husbands’ friends, or anyone she felt slightly jealous about with a predatory weaponization of her sexuality. These boys, on the blurry cusp of just-before-adulthood and within their hormonal haze, found themselves beguiled by a trusted figure— their friend’s mom. They were lured and pressured into her salon after hours under false pretenses with a heightened level of premeditation. She fully understood this was wrong, as shown by her attempts to cover it up. This was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any real justification.

And just how did these boys describe their experiences with LaVonna? Words like “shame,” “guilt,” “disgust,” and stories of self-blame for betraying their girlfriends or their friends’ …ya know, because she was their friend’s MOM… were rampant in their descriptions.

Even now, she cannot even have a handyman at her house without trying to solicit him into accepting some other form of “payment.” …But that doesn’t work so well anymore. She has aged out of having that kind of power.

Imagine being so insecure as a person that you’d be willing to demean and degrade yourself in a desperate and vain attempt to acquire some shred of validation at the expense of your own dignity, only to be thrown aside like the used, old, dirty dish rag that she was. She is so deeply insecure that she does these degrading and despicable acts to try and prove to herself that she’s “still got it” and gets a sick sense of accomplishment from seducing someone who is considered off limits.

Her children- especially her sons- were continuously traumatized by this. Having to live with their mother being inappropriate with their friends and teammates and having to endure the social repercussions of her narcissism forced them to bear the burden of what was secretly going on around them the entire time. The one person in the world who is supposed to have your best interest at heart is one’s mother. Her poor children. She does not consider the consequences of her actions (narcissists never do) nor have the moral sense to determine the difference between good and evil, never even stopping to think about her kids or the shame they’d have to endure when the locker room jokes started going around. She would say to these young boys, “let’s not tell anyone about this” and think that was enough to cover her tracks forever.

And since I know she may one day be reading this, I’d like to address her directly. Lavonna, you have attempted to deceive yourself and everyone else about the reality of your existence for far too long. Careless malevolence led you here. You have a deficit in empathy; you exploit other people and it doesn’t bother you to see those people suffer at your hands. In fact, you ENJOY it. You delight in being cruel; you exploit and hurt without regard for consequences or of others. This is a sport to you. A hobby, a pastime. You are so psychopathic that destroying peoples lives is fun to you.

You have no moral compass. You lack honesty, humility, or any real character. You are remorseless. You have to manipulate and hide because your actions are so shameful you don’t want them brought to light. Well here’s the first spotlight.

You do impulsive things, and they hurt you in the long run, which is why you’ve lost husbands, friends, boyfriends, and jobs. You have failed to recognize your mistakes or take any responsibility whatsoever– it hasn’t even caused you any distress along the way. You mindlessly walk yourself toward a cliff. Well, Lavonna, the dam is breaking and the walls are closing in.

Now, your looks have faded and your tactic to try and gain power hasn’t aged well. Years of smoking and lurking in bars have taken its toll; turning your skin to crepe paper, roughening up your voice, thickening your waistline, dulling your eyes, yellowing your teeth and nails. You spend your holidays alone, having betrayed and pushed so many away. Your life has ended up in a catastrophic failure, yet you’re too stupid and arrogant to realize that you should take any responsibility for your own actions and you get off on playing victim.

You weren’t smart enough to realize the risk of reducing one’s own value down to solely sexual attractiveness. You led a predatory, parasitic lifestyle in terms of sex. A virtue-free, attention seeking, desiring to see harm in other people, lifestyle. It was a form of exploitation. And frankly, it reeks of desperation. You give off the ‘oldest gal at the frat party’ kind of vibe. Your life is merely characterized by a continual pattern of sexual attention-seeking. You have turned into your own parody, and it hasn’t aged well… The immoral and unwise never do.

This is not a sustainable system is it? How many friends have you lost? How many do you fear losing now with this coming to light? Marriages, boyfriends? …What a stressful way of life.

Well, Lavonna, the internet is forever. And now your secrets are out there.

Oh I know, you’ll go run to social media for your narcissistic self-promotion and ruminate in your delusion to insist that you’re an innocent victim here. That’s what Covert Narcissists do. But if you’re one of her “friends” reading this thinking this couldn’t possibly be true, don’t reduce yourself down into believing her lies or doing her dirty work. If she gives you clothes or candles or cigarettes or invites you over to her home, that does not mean she is your friend. It means she wants to get you close to suck her narcissistic supply out of you. And odds are, she’s tried to seduce your man. Or worse… your son.

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