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Lasha Stoyko — Dirty Fukin Slore

Lasha Stoyko — Dirty Fukin Slore

Dirty methhead, gold digger and useless a55 b1tch, pounded on my door on her knees begging for a threesome with my new gf just so she could keep getting free money, cuz she didn’t have a job in the 3 years. Charged me with bullsh1t just to prove she could get away with anything, told me her dad sniffed her panties as a child so the fuckedness must run in the family. Manipulative crazy a55 b1tch. Will do anything for meth, even lose custody of her child to keep the party going.

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loll July 23, 2021 at 8:06 am

definately a huge cheater, no doubt. everything else, pretty much accurate.


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