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Larry Mitchell — Don’t Let This Man Into Your Life!

Larry Mitchell — Don’t Let This Man Into Your Life!

 This is Larry Mitchell and let me tell you this man is the worst of the worst! He’s a full blown Crack head that also is hooked on banging needles but that’s not even the worst part about this pig! He prays on junkie girls he acts all nice by letting them stay at his house but they end up having to do favors for him if you know what I mean. The Mitchel family are all fuked right up but there are serious reasons for it…. his son is a bad junkie too but no wonder why when he was just a kid lerry did what no parent should ever do to there child! He’s a fuking monster! Now him and his son smoke Crack and bang needles together and what’d even stranger is his son has a girlfriend marissa they’ve been together for years and when they where all living together marissa would fool around with Larry! And Paul let it happen all the time! I was told that him and Larry would both tag her at the same time.. like real father of the year he is! If you come across him turn the other way. He’s a rotten man who should be put behind bars forever!

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