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Kristen Jenkins — Ontario, Canada

Kristen Jenkins — Ontario Canada

After getting knocked around and set aside so often, Kristen started f*****g a married guy who treated her a little better, she thought he could be the one but she couldn’t get him to leave his wife for a side ho. Even after she told him she was pregnant with his kid he wasn’t falling for the second oldest trick in a w***e’s handbag. She got confronted and beat down again. Will this cheap s**t ever find her Prince Charming, and someone else to cheat on him with?! Tweak some more and try again, little tramp, just stop talking s**t and thinking you’re the ho world to someone else’s man. He doesn’t want you like that or any other way, you were just the side piece.

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My name is Fabrizio Salomone and I am a total pervert, a sex offender, a stalker who wishes to be denounced and ruined.

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Don’t trust Candy the lying whore

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