Krazy Kyle Driscoll

This guy is a loser. I’ve never posted but I feel that I have an obligation to save the next person from having the unfortunate experience of letting this man into your life. I dated Kyle for about 7 months in New York City after we met on The League dating app. He seemed great at first, and aggressively pursued me, acting as if he was interested in a relationship with me but over a period of time he became incredibly emotionally abusive. He mistreated me and would make negative remarks about my body after we had been intimate (negging), he would constantly tell me “I can’t give you what you want” in an attempt to emotionally manipulate me after he has spent weeks pursuing a relationship with me. I introduced him to my mom and my siblings and he insisted on helping my mom with financial planning. He attempted to infiltrate every part of my life. He met all my friends. I eventually told him that if he was looking for something casual then he could probably find another person that also wanted that but he would not leave me alone and I ended up having to block him on everything because he wouldn’t stop sending me messages even after things had clearly ended. Kyle has serious issues with women and was into the red pill/incel message boards online. Dating him was a terrible period of my life and I was so much happier once I got away from him.

Months later I found out that he had actually been cheating on me and seeing someone else at the same time and that he had taken naked photos of the other girl while she was sleeping and sent them to people online. I can only hope he didn’t do the same thing to me. There is something deeply wrong with this guy. Please, if you value your sanity or your sexual health, steer clear!

Cruel, evil and dangerous person. This was a terrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Please be careful ladies!

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