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Kim Koy Quite The Catch, Isn’t She?

Kim Koy Quite The Catch Isn’t She?

Kim Koy Quite The Catch, Isn’t She? Hard to believe this great catch could be yours, isn’t it? The fact that she’s married won’t stop her … she can be YOURS … and YOURS … and, well, anyone’s in fact. She’s working her way through the [REDACTED] men in Arlington Heights, Illinois. She takes her married co-workers to “lunch,” only to be caught sucking them off in parking lots. By last count, at least 3 gullible men fell for her innocent act, one of which has since been dumped by his wife (such a shame!) If all that isn’t disgusting enough, her poor husband is a firefighter. That’s right … while he’s saving lives, she’s fuking around. Classy! Give her a call at work and let her know what you think of slores.

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