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Kelsey Martin — Loves Da B’ys

Kelsey Martin — Loves Da B’ys

 This little Clarenville sloot has a boyfriend, but has seen more d1ckends than weekends. She likes to trash-talk people online, but guess what – karma’s coming for you. Hey, Tyson…get tested, buddy. She brags about how she keeps her boy on a short leash, but fuks whoever she wants. Just another small town slore who thinks her sh1t don’t stink, but with the smell coming from her pu55y…Oh, and if mister Loder is reading this – ask your little drd piece of filth about her black fuk boys in Calgary. Beeyatch, if you gonna pick a fight, be ready for what comes next. You gave my ex a drd and he passed it on. You think you’re good at hiding your games – well, game on beeyatch.

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