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Keishya Marie — No Competition Just A Dirty Druggy Squaw

Keishya Marie — No Competition Just A Dirty Druggy Squaw

This is Keishya Marie. She’s my sister nd some times she can be gross. she’s thinks she’s competition when really she’s just a dirty druggy squaw nd Self proclaimed hoebag munching carpet… Think she’s confused about her sexuality?? Her poor little man wannabe doesn’t even know shes riding old men behind her back. She Leaves her kid unattended while she bust a trade with old men. she’s greasey, she likes old men, plays games with different guys ND gf heart. she even fuked a guy for a tatty… I Caught her selling herself on main street! Shes got a daughter Nd not a good mom either. She uses weed to calm her self so she doesn’t hit her poor daughter. I once seen her try to drown her daughter in the tub nd throw her kid down the stairs, getting mad over a meth point. She cant be ruining her life so bad, but she is! Her poor daughter is suffering in her care. CFS needs to take her kid away again.. keishya runs her mouth nd cant fight so this little meathead makes posts about people on the dirty.. Pretty sad!! So none the less she’s not a competition, she’s just a dummy rez thot that can’t spell nd who thinks she’s a competition when tbh everyone has got that chog Rez thot beat at EVERYTHING!!!! Little girls humble yourself…

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