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Keara Richey The Slore With More!!!!

Keara Richey The Slore With More!!!!

 IF YOU HAVE A D!$K OR DRUGS SHE WONT HESITATE!!! It’s obvious what just happened in the picture!!!!!!! So this gem here is probably the dirtiest slores in western pa (this includes floozys). SHE IS KNOWN to have DRDs and not the nice ones! “Working” at a local bar is where she pounces on her prey. No S#!T will sleep with one guy in the afternoon, arrive at work drunk to “bartend” then leave with a different guy! Very common to be sleeping around with 2 different men at any given time. Knowing that one slept with a random girl then came back in the bar she was working at and she still took him home for more HOW DIRTY CAN YOU GET!!! Also will sleep around with anyone for cocaine, in the car while shes working, when shes not working but still at her work drinking her slorey feelings away if you have coke she will suck you DRY! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!!

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