Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Penticton

Kaylee Herder Biggest Sloot In Penticton

Kaylee Herder Biggest Sloot In Penticton

Kaylee Herder Biggest sloot in Penticton chick goes to d1ck to d1ck like it’s a Marathon saying she is pregnant to trap A ni88a but in reality sucking guys off for drugs ever wanna quick fuk Hit her up as long as you have a truck or drugs she’ll be down wear a condom because in month or so she might hit you with the message saying she’s pregnant also she fuks her boss for money&drugs and if you ever wanna hire a h0e keep in mind to keep her a side Hoe not a main and be careful if your friends with this girl-because she likes to fuk her friends boyfriends and then say they want her but it’s just because she’s a easy fuk that anyone could get there hands on

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