Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Newfoundland

Katie Gracr Odea Of Newfoundland

Katie Gracr Odea Of Newfoundland

Nik, this girl Katie Gracr Odea is something else. She tries to justify being a dirty hippy P4P. Saying its ok to ask married men or people who are cleary in a relationship for paid trips, free rent, food,  and whatever else she can get off the stupid people who fall for it. She had the nerve to ask my husband if she could live with us, which I said hell no. She mooches off everyone she knows, acting like shes all about the hippy, vegan sh*t. She stayed with a guy who was in a wheelchair, to supposedly help. She let him take naked pictures of her and tried sending one of them to my husband. Walks around naked, sleeps with people infront of her other hippy friends. Most likey living with some guy shes using now in Cali. Watch out people. She’s just a user, filled with DRDs.

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