New Hampshire

JUSTIN DEWOLFE is THE scum of the earth ngl

Please be warned about this individual I married. He is an extremely abusive, liar and cheater. He choose drugs over marriage and choose to continue doing those. He stole and vandalized my apartment after I wouldn’t let him continually abuse me and my son. I wouldn’t wish him on Anyone. He says he is a man of GOD , he is not. Unless that means you say hateful things and threatening to kill me as well as shoot up drugs on the regular. Please stay away. Police know of him very well here in NH and burning bridges left and right! I plan to spread this info as long and far as I can . As it’s my duty to call out FELLOW Christian’s and warn others about his narcissistic tendencies. Call him out if you want for being a piece of shit abuser 603/581/5000 , if you do , you are doing a service for me and other his other future victims… Please stay away!

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