Judge Sean Lane

SDNY Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane is a mercurial, angry, closeted homosexual midget with severe and serious anger management problems, coupled with a horrible Napoleonic complex because he’s a short, slender, slight, small, shiny bald headed little man, and was probably bullied his entire life.

Now that he has achieved a federal judgeship, no doubt due to the serious amount of powerful wealthy oligarch Jewish male cocks that he has probably sucked, he lords it over his court and everyone in it like he was king of the planet of the apes, throwing his own feces at anyone and everyone that he doesn’t like.

He is particularly biased towards and favors Jews, whose asses he can not get enough to kiss and smooch, as he knows that Jewish Organized Crime in New York is the source of his power, funding, and money that butters his bread, keeps him in office, where he can return favors to them in his obviously corrupt and biased rulings that always favor Jews.

If you are a racial or religious minority, or God forbid a brown skinned male, he will fuck your ass legally and equitably as far as he can go, as a substitute for rape sex, especially if you are going up against Jews in court.

This little racist cock sucker judge should be thoroughly investigated, not only for his severely biased rulings, bending over backwards to break the law just to favor Jews torturing non-Jews in court, but also where his campaign money comes from, who supports his judicial appointment, who he has favored, and who he slams into the dirt.

If he has also fucked you over, please go directly online to file a judicial misconduct complaint with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, or the Chief Administrator of the Office of the Courts located in Washington D.C., both available online with a simple Google search.

Together we can expose this corrupt little white/jewish supremacist racist prick, and legally and equitably remove him like a tick from the scrotum sack of the federal judiciary.

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