Chatham Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters

Josh Derynck Megan Denys — Bunch Of Jokers Right Here

Josh Derynck Megan Denys — Bunch Of Jokers Right Here

This girl is absolutely oblivious! She thinks she has a good man… trust me bitch you don’t!!! He does nothing but sleep around on your bitch ugly no bodied ass! He loves to hit up all his exs for regular booty calls as well as the cougars in town! Because he grew up bullied he thinks he’s hot sht now because he’s got muscles well that’s about all you have going on! Still living at mommas and not being committed to anything in your life especially your so called gf! I hope you get caught up get an std or another bitch pregnant! And Megan is so dumb this bitch didn’t even passes nursing school the first time around! Get a clue cnt you’ll never be enough for Josh!!!! Stay settled looking stupid bitch

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