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Jonathan Helmuth — Boston Douche Bag Cheats On Me Then Beats Me Up!

Jonathan Helmuth — Boston Douche Bag Cheats On Me Then Beats Me Up!

Please help me make my soon to be ex-husband Famous. After 10 years of marriage, my piece of S**t husband Jon decided he was going to cheat on me with one of the girls I work with. I caught him at home in our bed with this sloot when he thought I was at work. Well, I had to come home early, and there he was in our bed where we sleep going to town. Needless to say, I lost it, kicked him out, and told him not to come back. Well come back he does, and when I tell him to leave he hits me in front of our son! I called the police but they wouldn’t do anything since it was my word against his, and Boston is not exactly the most progressive state for women’s rights. I have filed for divorce, and am counting the days until it goes through. Since the police wouldn’t do anything please make this A**hole famous for not only cheating on me in my own bed but coming back then hitting me when I told him to leave. Hopefully, that will be of some justice to this lying, cheating, piece of trash. Sincerely Laura

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