Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Surrey

Joc McFadden — Aka Big Nasty Slore

Joc McFadden — Aka Big Nasty Slore

This girl is nasty has 4 kids she barely pays any attention to surprised she even has any of them at this point because all she’s worried about whos d1ck she’s going to suk next. Has so many “boyfriends” or “boytoys” at once all the time always posting dirty gross photos everywhere and sending them out drinks and does drugs all the time SHE WILL STEAL YOUR MAN AND FUK THEM BEHIND YOUR BACK she can’t ever have a man stay tho because she’s so slootty and gross no one wants to keep her but she thinks she’s hot as fuk when she literally looks like trash ugliest grossest sloottiest b1tch I ever seen in British Columbia by far STAY AWAY FROM HER.

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