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Jewel Sauter, The Town Pump, DING DING! Humps For Pills And Cash!

Jewel Sauter The Town Pump DING DING! Humps For Pills And Cash!

This well known town pump will spread em for any man who has access to prescription drugs or has an abundance of money that she can swindle and lie to drain dry so she can buy more prescription drugs! Over the years this b1tch has had many many children, each one of them with a different man and has been an awful mother to each and every one of them! She constantly b1tches about having THIS and THAT drd when in reality it’s nothing more than just laziness and the fact that she’s become so accustomed to her lazy, pill popping, sit on her a55 and do nothing lifestyle that she really believes the bullsh1t that pours out of her mouth! Her latest drd is Lyme drd, righhhhhht! Lyme drd is a name Physicians give to “afflictions” like hers when they get so fet up trying to diagnose NOTHING! You too can get a Lyme drd diagnosis, just complain to your Doctor all the time about pain that they’ll never be able to find an answer for and you can get all the narcotic prescription pain drugs you want, for the rest of your life just like she does! She buys and sells these drugs on the black market as well to fund her insatiable appetite for fattening foods like ice cream, takeout and anything with tons of sugar in it so she can maintain her beautiful manateeish figure. Beware to men (and on rare occasions, women too, if she gets desperate enough for drugs when she runs out, yes, this has happened!) in and around Oliver, Osoyoos and Penticton British Columbia, she’ll eat you out of house and home, screw you for your medication and run around behind your back because she usually has two or three guys on the go at any given time. Wives, keep an eye on your husbands, she’s got a thing for married men. The slootiness in her must come from her mother Sharon, have you seen this thing? Wow, a throwback to all things 1968 floozy! If you happen to run into her, give her a big old “Hi-dee-hoe” and be sure to ask her about her most recent exploits involving a married man, an DRD, a donkey and too much Vicodin and Tequila!

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