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Jessica Reynolds — Bible Thumping Psycho

Jessica Reynolds — Bible Thumping Psycho

I’m urging people in the Austin area/ spice wood region of Texas to watch out for Jessica Ann Reynolds. She was a neighbor of mine who lured me and my husband over to her home. After much hesitation I finally gave in because I felt sorry for her and quite frankly annoyed by her religious banter. The dinner turned into a sales pitch trying to convince my husband and I to get nude and take “professional” pictures to expand a portfolio and new wave of couple imagery. Mind you this was all proposed after also offering us multiple glasses of wine. The offer consisted of us my husband and I supplying them nude photos for their entertainment essentially and compensation to us a higher social standing in the community and personal professional photos. The other option was to defame us to our neighborhood because they “know” people. What sickened me the most is that these people have young children of their own and the perverted behavior was appauling. Jessica and her husband Kevin have recently relocated out of our wholesome neighborhood luckily, but please watch out for this couple. There is something extremely off and these people are far from the religious pure persona they portray. Cos have Been called on the couple multiple times and I fear for children under their care.

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