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Jessica Perini — The Plastic Surgery Filled Slore With Lips That Look Like An 55hole

Jessica Perini — The Plastic Surgery Filled Slore With Lips That Look Like An 55hole

Soo to start with this fuken loser she thinks shes soo cool because shes a Perini when shes the sh1ttest one i feel so bad for her family shes a horrible fuken person for starters the guy shes with kale has a daughter from a previous relationship and in the beginning he was very much involved until it became a serious issue for jessica so much that the thought of him giving a little girl attention bothered her so much shes threatened to leave him for good if he didnt stop being involved in the gorgeous little girls life .. the most pathetic part is theh now have 2 girls of there own and they dont even know there older sister kales FIRSTBORN because shes such a narrsisistic cvnt that she doesn’t care how it affects the kids the older girl will never know her dad how can you and your loser boyfriend to that to a little girl kust act like she doesn’t even exist!!! How can you be a dad to 2 out of three of your girls 🙁 . Alsoo this loose pu55y skank has had soo much plastic surgery to her fave her lips look like an a55hole every one of her photos are the exact same pose are filtered a55 fuk and shes doing the duckface with her booty lips lmfao she used to beat up underage girls for fun and then brag about iit like the fuken loser she is shes barley worked a day in her life unless suking d1ck counts lol she acts like some self entitled housewife when her man fuks around on her with hot brunettes that dont have assholes for lips because hes over her plastic and her loose twat and not to mention the chicks a fucken midget no wonder hes fuking her shes way hotter than you and karmas a b1tch you deserve it all the way . You think your better than everyone when your a lowkey pepsi head youve had a disgusting amount of lip fillers and surgeries done that you look fuken nasty . Let kale be a daddy you loser cvnt does it kill you that much he fuken christel before you and filled her up hahaha newsflash hunny you were nothing but a second choice why dont you get some of your own money and quit spending all kales your nothing hes bored of you and were sick of your act your a sh1t mom and a narcissist youll get whats coming to you hahahaha go do more pepsi and suk more d1ck your boyfriend is over your bleach blonde plastic a55 nothing about you is pretty your personality is horrible. And we all know about his friend you fuked in his bed when he was working out of town only a matter of time before he finds out or about your abortion oops sorry that was supposed to be your secret hahaha dumb skank .

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