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Jessica Aylestock — Fenty And Methaddict

Jessica Aylestock — Fenty And Methaddict

You stupid sloot, you have never done anything but milk welfare and have kids. I remember when you were at least aware of your children, never your top priority…that spot always goes to whatever d1ck you are chasing. You are a sad excuse for a human, posting on FB “admitting” to your wrong doing after you were blasted here lasttime….goes to rehab, gives your children false hope of having the home back they have always known….then you choose you AGAIN.. meth must love you, does it hug you at night and love you like your children would and do? Good thing your daughter is away from you because your non existent self worth and abusive men you choose over them is really a blessing in disguise. You are skinny but that face is getting methed up, and not even your child diddler bf will want you soon. I predict you will be suking old man d1ck cheese in no time.

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