Jeremy Maimon aka Sccit Is A Horrendous Rapper & Culture Vulture Who Messages Underage Girl

Hey Nik I thought I would informed you about this lying , annoying, conniving imbecile by the name of Jeremy Maimon. This d1ckeater Jeremy has been an a55hole for years online since his days on The Sauce. Not only is he annoying in his approach he goes out his way to promote his trash a55 Music on and on I rather hear listen to the screams of someone getting a bullet removed. Sccit is a known “culture Vulture” and this is proven by a matter of things. This guy is a straight narcissist who took it upon himself to create a biography about himself, writing in the 3rd person like that of a crazy deranged person. Hes been exposed online as a number of things. 1.) Hes contacted underage girls. (I have The DMs too). I won’t even speak on the girl that told me you was trying to pay he for the box or the one that said you gave her a sexually transmitted drd. Your nasty as fuk. 2.) He has said racist things in regards to black people or passive aggressive statements online about topics which are African-American based. (Dubcc & 3.) He really is uninformed about Music yet tries to profit off culture which is the genre of rap. (I dont give a damn how much you Try to dickslurp Daz Dillinger, RBX, Kurupt, and The Jacka). 4.) He swears he KNOWS so much about being a Jew & Jewish history yet when hes Truly Pressed by someone who is more knowledgeable he’ll disappear from the the dialogue. Fucking clown. 5.) His DIE-HARD Admiration for Rappers South Park Mexican & Sicx is questionable. Reason I say Questionable is Because both of these rappers are convicted Child molesters!!! I mean what in the absolute fuk is wrong with you ? He also did something utterly offensive:: When the late great Kobe Bryant die this D1CKEATER made a Instagram post about Kobe but proceeded to make the ENTIRE death about KOBE BRYANT about himself. I’m so sick and fuking disgusted by this dude in his bullsh1t. We also haven’t forgotten about your older sister and her whorish ways. Nik I personally think Jeremy suffers from bipolar personality disorder and extreme nacrissitic disorder. Ol pedophile serial killer looking motafucka

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