Jenn Szelenyi The Hoe The Liar

Jenn Szelenyi is the worst person you could ever come in contact with. Shes a liar, cheater and out right psychopath. Shes a whore for attention from anyone she can get it from married or not. Everything she does is for attention from her slutty clothes, to her fake voice, face and fake glasses everything about her is FAKE. She is PATHETIC. Shes cheated and slept with so many married men even through shes married. Shes been a hoe since she was in middle school. Even cheated while she was pregnant with another married man. Jenn Szelenyi is a pathetic little girl who posts everything for attention making people think she has this perfect life but its all lies. She is TOXIC and all about herself dont let her fool you. She will talk about you behind your back and smile in your face. All she does is lie to make herself look and feel better when everyone knows the truth about her scandalous ways, she puts the blame on everyone else and cant take responsibility for the shitty person she is. When i say dont believe anything she says really everything that comes out of this nasty hoes mouth is full of lies and manipulation. She cant even keep friends long enough because eventually they see through her lies and bullshit, all she is is drama it followers her around like a nasty piece of shit. Be aware of the hoe Jenn Szelenyi.

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