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Jenn Kuo And Molly Carman — Eyes- Out Roadmen

Jenn Kuo And Molly Carman — Eyes- Out Roadmen

 These two clown goofs will fck any dealer out there. Asian? Arab? Be careful, that’s their type. Jenn loves the pepsi she’ll go ahead and ask you for a line easy. Be talking to multiple guys at a time but will post about how important loyalty is. Learn the definition of it first sweet thing. Loves getting involved in other people’s drama and talking nonsense about shit they don’t know. Molly comes home from a trip paid for by her boyfriend (LA), they broke up or something and she deleted all the pictures. Like it never happened. Jen sits here and denies her bf didn’t pay for her tits, yeah right. This hoe got bags outta him too. Humble yourselves ladies, you’re noting but some fat cnts trying to be in a groupie. They love to question why they got fans? Sweetie you got an army of people waiting for you to fall.

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