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Jen Wilke — The Rise And Fall Of Jen Wilke

Jen Wilke — The Rise And Fall Of Jen Wilke

back in 2011 Jen Wilke had it made. She was a rising star of the online modeling scene. She won Playboy Miss Social and Miss Social Network which got her a sugar daddy in the name of Greg Hale who paid for her to be on numerous international version magazine covers like Maxim and FHM. He paid established photographers to work with her and build her portfolio. At some point they broke up.Somewhere in the mix she made international news for doing a GoFundMe for 10k to help secure her modeling career. It didnt go well with the media and she was blasted on many news sites as being a conartist. She was also arrested on drug charges which somehow got dropped. Rumors of her behind the scenes lifestyle made it’s way around the internet and nothing commercial really panned out for her. Flash to the present where now the only modeling she does is on onlyfans where she does solo porn for her paid followers. She is pushing 40 now and still lives at home with her mom and doesn’t have a day job. Give it up Jen. You failed at life.

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