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Jen Wilke Posing Nude Now

Jen Wilke Posing Nude Now

Nik, do you think Jen Wilke is actually posting nude pics for her paid supporters on Snapchat or is this a cleaver way to get more paid supporters making it look like she is nude. She previously said that she would never post naked pictures as she is too good for that style of modeling. It seems these days she is getting closer and closer to soft core porn style shoots. She needs to give up on this modeling idea and go work at McDonalds or something.

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Laura a December 13, 2020 at 10:44 pm

Jason Scott brown, is a black hearted, abusing low life, con artist, thieving drug abusing junkie hype that gas lights his way in life. The most embarrassing sorry excuse for a male. Because he is no man. He lies to weasel his way in your life and then he sabatage and destroys every thing you have. He first acts shy and tells you stories of how he is an introvert that his anxiety is some bullshit reason of whatever he’s lying about. I warn everyone not to trust this mistake of a human being I wish someone would have warned me because he took me for slot and distroyed my house my vehicles my clothing my life and my business single handling over 3years I hope he doesn’t do what he did to me


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