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Jason Cooper *HE’S A Homewrecker*

Jason Cooper *HE’S A Homewrecker*

Jason Cooper *HE’S A Homewrecker*. He will say whatever is the right thing to make you feel like the only woman in the world. I thought I had found the perfect man in the beginning. Once he’s got you things start to change. He loses his interest in doing any social activities preferring to sit on the couch watching TV all day. Less than 1 year into the relationship he went to rehab, lasted 4 months before spending all our savings on drugs. His back is a minefield of disgusting foul smelling pimples. He’s also quick to put you down and make you feel like YOU’RE the reason he’s such a sorry person. He might be a sweet talker and good looking but he’s a nightmare in disguise. He didn’t think twice before running out on his family knowing how crushed his child would be. He’s the definition of a selfish narcissist.

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