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Jason Bryan Busby Ladies BEWARE!!!!

Jason Bryan Busby Ladies BEWARE!!!!

Jason Bryan Busby Ladies BEWARE!!!! So I don’t know where to begin here but I have to say something. This tool Jason Bryan Busby is the biggest scumbag on the planet, cheating to him is like breathing. He’s been married what three or four times now, “engaged” probably double that amount. See every woman he’s been married or engaged to is always someone who he cheated on his previous partner with. He will do and say anything to get what he wants. You have children or anyone important in your life and try be careful until you introduce them is a waste of time. He will manipulate and lie his ass off into your life, get to know your children and family then disregard them like trash after he’s done with you. He also likes to make you feel bad about yourself, he will tear you down to nothing so he feels better about himself. Beware of your finances as well with him around he’s also abusive, jealous and extremely controlling. See in his mind he can do whatever he wants but not you, in the beginning he will make you and everyone else believe “oh just how much he loves you and just how beautiful you are” believe me it’s all a crock. He will slowly start to whittle your self esteem and freedom away, I feel bad for every woman I see him “engaged or in love with”. But they will see, sooner or later it doesn’t take him long to start poking around in other women. He is incredibly conceited and thinks he’s a body builder, country singer and honorable veteran. He’s none of the above, he isn’t honorable in any sense of the word. His music sounds like garbage and his songs are all lies he sings about having a broken heart and women, sad life blah blah blah bullshit. He doesn’t have a heart, I am absolutely certain of that. He will make you feel like nothing, cheat on you and then when you want to leave he will try anything to continue making your life miserable. All I can say is THANK GODDDD!!! I dodged that bullet, honestly best thing that ever happened in my life is when he left it. I’ve been silent but I hear and see he’s the same and I felt like I needed to let other women know. I am certain dozens of other women feel the same way as I do. He is a dog, was a dog and will always be a dog!!!!!

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