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Jared Chavez — WORSE PERSON EVER. This is far from some one who could even open his mouth to saying he is a man he left all his kids for this women who gets high and beats the sh1t out of her kids to and abandoned his real kids and helps take care of hers and in 3 years I have received 1 check for our child and I returned it to him because I wanted to make sure he was OK because of the kind hearted person I am and come to find out he has now another girl pregnant who rubs it in my face and his family now laughs at there family member I birthed and so does his brother his brother did exactly the same thing I normally don’t put people on blast like this but it’s so hurtful to know some one who wouldn’t even care if his children have eaten and not only that but I know it’s not just me because I’m not the only one he has done this to so sad I feel like men should go to jail for the abandonment of there child like us women .. he went to court for child support and his boss payed to make sure he didn’t go to jail but he still refuses to pay any of it so heart broken I just asked him to get a box of diapers and a few outfits every couple months like just something to help and he can’t even do that.

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