James Godin – Woburn, MA

James Godin from Woburn, Massachusetts is a cyberstalking predator and a creep! This incel jerkoff is a mama’s boy, who’s in his thirties. James Godin is a lowlife who still lives at home with his mother at 33 years old and has no desire to ever move out. His mommy still wipes his ass for him!

This douchebag has spent YEARS cyberstalking young women who he knew that were around his age; possibly former classmates. He could never get laid by any of them. Since James couldn’t have the pretty girls, because he was too much of a creep, he decided he was going to punish them, by shaming them, so NO man would ever want them, again. This sack of shit even posted his female victim’s family pictures, along with their children. This psycho was willing to stoop as low as he could go!

For years, James Godin had focused his obsession over a young woman he had lusted after, named Danielle. When Godin had failed to get into her panties, he stole pictures and videos she had, and had used them against her in some sick revenge porn tactic. After that, it didn’t take long for people to figure out who the culprit was. Danielle’s friends wanted to give James a proper ass stomping, but rumor has it, the incel pussy won’t leave his mommy’s house, because he’s too scared. 😆

James Godin has been arrested more than once, so he is a loser criminal, as well as an incel. He has removed all of his own pictures online, thinking that will stop him from being exposed. This subhuman piece of garbage has a Linked-In page with no profile picture. That’s ok, virgin boy. I found one that’s suitable, you basement troll, incel freak! You might want to consider moving out of town, or better yet out of state. Oh, that’s right, you can’t! You are too much of a pathetic mama’s boy to ever move out of her house, and be a grown man. What a pussy! 😂 You can’t hide behind your mommy forever, loser!

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