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Jadzea Mink — BORED BOTHERED B1T€#

Jadzea Mink — BORED BOTHERED B1T€#

So nikk this is Jadzea aka Godzilla because she’s a huge ogre who doesn’t intimidate anybody with her size lol half man she is if anything. She sits on fb Constantly crying like a baby about her 40 year old drug dealing boyfriend cheating on her all while he wipes his sh1t in her face literally and she still takes him back like the piece of sh1t she is. She goes around trying to sabotage other people’s relationships all because she is a jealous insecure little girl. Who clearly has no standards she doesn’t love her self and only cares about being a gold digging h0e. It’s sad actually she has this old man but she can’t even get her hair done properly 😂 like look at this chick she can’t even afford contacts she has to use a filter 🤮😓 Jadzea maybe you should go be a mother to your sons instead of always trying to make other people look bad when you already make your self look like a clown 🤡 oh wait a breast feeding alcoholic clown who needs to learn a thing or two about parenting before she try’s and confront anybody else about her bfs behaviour.

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