Isabel Yamazaki, Sociopathic & Deceptive Duper, Con Artist and Disturbing Thief

Isabel Yamazaki, Sociopathic Con & Duper

Sociopathic & Deceptive Con Artist and Disturbing Thief

Isabel Yamazaki from Australia is a deceptive sociopath/borderline, duper and thief. This cunt knows how to hide her true color and is trying too hard to deceive everyone how nice and angel-ish she is but behind this fake mask she is ugly, exploitative with serious mental disturbances.

She will steal anything and then make it as if it is her own identity. Musicians, artists and actors, be on the look out before she steals whatever matters most to you. And if possible to throw you under the bus; if not she will try to woo you over so as to better control and exploit you more. Don’t fall for her nice but deceiving front. Run as fast as you can from this witchy cunt.

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