Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Washington

Henry Tyner – Tacoma WA. is dangerous Narcissist

Henry Tyner – Tacoma WA. is dangerous Narcissist. He is a cheater, liar, abuser & alcoholic & pill popper. He has a deadend job, lives in a crappy apartment with his mom & has financial judgements but eludes that he is stable. He is Currently facing felony charges for assault & threatening to kill , theft & destroying property! ( Public record) He will cheat on you & then make you feel crazy, accuse you of being a whore & cry to your face that he loves only you & isn’t lying-while you have the proof in you hands. It’s been proven that he has had sex with 3 women in one day while trying to convince them all they are his soulmate. To say that you will be love bombed, smothered & made to feel so important is an understatement but he uses the same lines, on every single women! He will make you feel like you are the only one for him, he can’t live without you, & he has never had these feeling before for any women & you will believe it at times.
He will steal from you, verbally assault you, stalk you , intimidate & send out x rated photos of you to other women to make them crazy.
The abuse has escalated to a dangerous physical level & there isn’t much doubt that he could snap.
His children have blocked him from all aspects of their life because he is a terrible human. There has been at least 9 women in the last 2 years that have been devastated by this man & many of their families/children have been part of this abusive fall out. He’s recently upped his game & proposed to one women & was having sex with at least 2 others within the week. The lies, manipulation & abuse will make it hard for you to ever trust again. Everything you share will be used against you with the most disgusting verbal abuse you have ever experienced. You are at the risk of intimate videos being recorded without your permission & sent out to others & a couple women have gotten a An STD from this man, & of course he blamed them for it. He is currently facing major jail time & the prosecutors & victim are committed to seeing he faces justice, several other women are assisting prosecution with their declarations about the abuse they also suffered. This man is constantly on the move for his next victim/ supply & can be extremely charming- Run for the hills! At the minimum you will be emotionally broken, most likely, many times & over many years.

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