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Heather Rasmussen — Home Wrecker

Heather Rasmussen — Home Wrecker

Just a true statement. If you see this chick on your mans friends list you need to check his phone asap. She does not care, married, in a realtionship, single. If she sees your man, she has one thing and one thing on her mind. She is gonna start by talking dirty, then she will start in with her private shows on facebook. Just when you loved one cant take it no more. She will meet up and fuk him. Then she has him right where she wants him. She is gonna extort, blackmail, decieve. You name it. All in an effort to get what she wants. She is 36 she looks young. She has been around the block plenty and she is one of the best con artist in the game. Its hard saying what she will want. Could be anything. You can gaurantee, she is gonna do anything to get it and she will leave you high and dry with nothing to your name when she goes. She leaves twice as fast as she came if you lucky. You have been warned.

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