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Haylie Snook The Dirty Cnt Who Fakes

Haylie Snook The Dirty Cnt Who Fakes

Haylie snook is a dirty dirty girl, she can’t let go of her past, she gets ran through by a lot of guys cause she always trying to make her crazy methhead ex jealous, she thinks everyone wanted him or would do something with him and try’s to start issues over it but in the end no one wants her gross ass scary looking methman meth for sure has gotten its hooks into this poor kid cry fake rape and her mom tells her its all okay she claims cause she’s from Halifax that’s how they are her military family my background gets her EVERYTHING she wants (of course it’s mom my and daddy no work she ever has to put in) she’s dirty and needs to brush her teeth don’t get to close when she talks maybe it’s those giant lip rings that stink

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