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Haylee Soble — Methed Out, Man Looking, Controlling, Crazy Slore

Haylee Soble — Methed Out Man Looking Controlling Crazy Slore

 This girl is the definition of psycho. she lied to her disabled boyfriend about being raped just so she could live with him and control his life. This girl has accused a few people of rape in the past all for attention yet will laugh and make fun of people who have actually gone through it. About her boyfriend, she cheats on him all the time, it’s quite sad actually, everyone including him knows. This 17 year old suked a guy off well her boyfriend was sleeping in the same room, OHHHH and let’s not forget to add that she was fuking around with his cousin. If you want to be cheated on haylees the girl for you. Been doing meth since age of what, 14? this girl doesn’t have much of a brain, maybe that’s why she thinks abuse and being homophobic threatening trans and gay people is hilarious. Haylee tries to fight everyone because she thinks she is big and bad due to being fat but got her ass beat by someone who’s half her size, I was there. this b1tch is massively controlling, gets so insecure that her boyfriend can’t leave his house or be around any other female yet acts like a sloot when she’s around guys. When her man couldn’t get her pregnant she snapped at him, crazy much? Haylee is a high school drop out, druggie, liar, and lives off of her boyfriend. You will go no where in life with the way you act and the sh1t you’re doing.

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