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Hailey Veitch — Honky Tonk Hussy

Hailey Veitch — Honky Tonk Hussy

 Anyone who knows Hailey knows she’s gotten herself wrapped up in a fair amount of drama. Always the side chick, never the house wife. Well she finally tried to settle down but Karma came back and hit her pretty hard. Everyone’s had their share of failed relationships but it’s common curtesy to tell your hookup ( even if you are just the side piece of a55) that the cold sores on your mouth are other places as well. You prob shouldn’t tell your “ boyfriends whole other girlfriend” you have the dirty but not tell the people ( yes people guys and girls) you have an std. Watch out Mavericks and Wild West this pathological liar has no issues knowingly spreading “cold sores “ along with endless amounts of rumors to cover her own tracks.

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