New Jersey

Guy Luongo Williamstown NJ

Gaetano Luongo Guy Luongo is a heroin addict. He does not disclose his needle use either. Lives on the “lake”, in his 50’s, bald, “contractor….”
Two different women in two different relationships have stabbed him.
Do not lend him money. He is full of stories he will tell you his work is slow or someone canceled last minute and put on a sob act to support his drug habit.He has also been known to tell people that that he has cancer and that is NOT true either. In addition to his drug habit he is also a sex addict. He does not use protection.
He does not manage his bipolar disorder.
Also to anyone out there that he has also taken advantage of there is no pastor there is no Bible study he’s a compulsive liar junkie.
He is not a stable person and his sob stories are endless. He has stooped so low to take advantage of his own aunt’s, sister – I have heard him compulsively lie to whoever he needs to to get what he wants money, sex it goes on and on. He has no shame he will tell you every woman that he has been with has cheated on him which is not true, he will tell you anyone that he has been in a relationship with is mentally ill even his ex-wife.
He has a history of abusing women in every state that he has lived in. He has repeated this pattern in each state with different women for years. In every state that he has lived in he has repeated the pattern in each state of filing false police reports and restraining orders with multiple women acting like he is a victim – he is truly psychotic. He has even been charged with false police reporting. SEE FLORIDA, pa, md, Williamstown, nj – in one county in Florida there is over 45 reports in just one county – Pinellas County. He has been charged with domestic violence, stalking, he has also been charged with violating restraining orders with different women. He truly feels the rules do not apply to him.
He tries to mask his disgusting behavior by making false accusations and manipulation, he is a narcissist. He is known to friend young girls on Snapchat as #guythecarguy

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