Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Surrey

Gurtaj Samra — Surreys Biggest Douchebag

Gurtaj Samra — Surreys Biggest Douchebag

This loser has got to be the biggest scvmbag in the lower mainland. He has a girlfriend and still fuks other girls on the side and hits the club with his dipper friends like rajneel his ugly a55 sidekick. Hes a pervert who talks to underage girls and tries to lure them out with w33d. He was fuking both of my friends at once while he has the date him and his rat face gf got together in his bio with a lock. HA! Bet ur parents are real proud of u nasty g00f…. hes a broke bum girls stay away from this surrey trash and hide ur little sisters. Blowhe*ds on the loose

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