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Glen Alexander Rose — Hobbit Catholic Snot Looking Fuk, Domestically Abusive Faggit

Glen Alexander Rose — Hobbit Catholic Snot Looking Fuk Domestically Abusive Faggit

so the dirt on this squirt is that he’s a 5″6 short angry fugly looking mcdonalds mascott intimidating faggut, he will beat you if your his man, and then cries to catholic british father but before recieving funds he must make a fake british accent and thinks his father doesnt understand canadian english, he’s also a huge fan of WINNERS FIND FAKE FOR LESS!!! he think’s he’s tyra banks when realistically its a sad short 32 year old queer who cans everywhere, some rich life! he makes funny faces when’s he’s reaaaaalllly angry like oscar the garbage puppet but add some asian glow!

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