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Gina Macri — Ugly Gullible Dirty Desperate Cheating Sloot

Gina Macri — Ugly Gullible Dirty Desperate Cheating Sloot

This girl named Gina has the nerve to call herself loyal Hahaha yet she is the furthest thing from it! She knows nothing about being loyal! Don’t let her fool you, she’s a lying desperate ugly cvnt slore who cheats on her fiancé all the time! The poor guy and the poor woman whos men she goes after! Not only is she a dirty, lying, disrespectful, disgusting slore who cheats but she cheats on her fiancé with other taken married men WITH young children! She is fully aware of the mans situation yet she still pursues and pushes herself onto these men! Cheating is one thing, and cheating with a taken men is another, BUT to cheat on a man with a wife and young kids at home is the lowest most pathetic disgusting immature move of all. She is scvm of the earth trying to ruin families and take kids fathers Away. You must have to have no Respect for yourself as a female or other females to stoop to that low dirty sad of a level to try and ruin others homes! Gina is a dirty ugly anorexic Michael Jackson looking b1tch! People laugh at girls like Gina how desperate and pathetic they are that they can’t keep one man happy and satisfied she needs to chase taken ones because single men can see right through girls like Gina and run. Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! Gina is just a game and a laughing joke to all these men you chase you walking drd slore! She needs to Try and eat a burger every once and awhile, she has the body of a 12 year old boy, you’d almost think the men were trying to fulfill a gay fantasy going for her, trannys put her to shame hard! So all you ladies out there watch out for this evil worthless whore she will pretend she is a nice respectful girl but she isn’t and she will TRY to take your man Whether you have kids or not doesn’t make a difference to this disrespectful gullible cvm dumpster sloot.t

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