Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Hamilton



This pig right here made her way into her ex coworkers baby fathers life by speaking bad on her husbands exes name, she has 3 kids 2 while married and 1 out of wedlock, she made her husband push his three kids away and replace them with hers, once this women moved into this mans house he lost all of his friends and his parents for a few amount of years why? Because everyone seen how disgusting she is. Once this bitch moved in to her husbands house she convinced him to give her girls bedrooms and put his kids stuff in garbage bags and put in the basement, she cause her kids to feel unwanted and unloved by their father and even embarrassed at school because she would call cas on their mother because well there was no reason those kids were healthy as can be and loved and had food on the table and a roof over their head this. Her husbands 3rd child lived with them for years and in 2017 she told Gina and her father thy she was depressed and they both said she made it up in her head his 3rd daughter asked her father to go with her to get checked for bpd and he refused because this woman manipulated him into thinking mental illness isn’t a thing, in 2017 she also said to his 3rd child that the guy she loved could kill himself and that she would love to give him the blade at the time his daughter was 17 and again also dealing with her own mental issues on her own, this woman has gotten her husbands baby mama fired from multiple jobs and has followed her to job such as maple leaf and the general hospital, Gina Eva Anthony halloran truly Is the number 1 Cnt

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