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Gary Killingsworth — A Pig With A Penchant For The Chocolate Ladies

Gary Killingsworth — A Pig With A Penchant For The Chocolate Ladies

Mr. Gary Killingsworth in a work capacity is: Lazy Underhanded Delusional Arrogant Incompetent (Construction/Water management) Victim complex( usually, he is the abuser/ aggressor) Gossip Low team morale (This one seems to follow him around. I wonder why…) He is below-average in physicality, 55+ years old and unfit for the rigors of team building and compliance. To compensate, he feigns generosity and insists that he is hard done by people who take advantage of his niceness. However, the charade does not last long… Since he’s a one trick pony, most people know he is: Predatory Abusive Exploitative Manipulative As well as prone to… Projection ( What he’s done, you now stand accused of) Gaslighting ( I know you are, but what am I ) Incompetence Gossip Superficiality Fickleness Given to overindulgence Reneges on contracts agreements Gary Killingsworth has faked his way through life. I believe that HE believes his delusions, but he is still very dangerous and toxic, nonetheless. Good riddance to him.

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